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Elevate your ability and realizing of chess with the strategies that experience produced exceptional Russian grandmasters.Russia's dominance in glossy chess was once based on a uniquely profitable software of chess guideline. Now this application has been streamlined and tailored for American readers in a couple of books that may support readers strengthen, step-by-step, from overall novicehood to an stress-free and aggressive leisure point. quantity 1 covers the basics of the sport, from starting techniques to vigorous endgames. research from the beginning not only how the items stream, but in addition the place and why to maneuver them. quantity 2 is going past the fundamentals to hide complicated process, hard-hitting openings, and vintage assault and protection strategies. either books sharpen and attempt your chess talents with sensible, academic "chessercizes" that make your routine extra muscular. develop within the game—and rejoice doing it—using the options that produced an extended line of Soviet champions.

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16 ... illc3?! Not the strongest continuation and one which also appears to be the root cause of his difficulties. Azmaiparashvili subsequently showed that 16 ... 'li'xd2! ilLxd2 l::ifc8! tt:Jd4 ity. For example: Other continuations don't equalise: Evgeny Bareev and Ilya Levitov 43 A) 17 .. /t:le5? tb6! d1+-; B) 17 ... te5) 22 ... tb5:t. bd4 Leading to a position with opposite-coloured bishops, in which White's advantage lies not only in the extra pawn but also in the possibility of attacking the key point in such positions - the f7 -square.

J::ic1 l::ixcl+ 22 . ilLg7 (16 ... fc8? 'li'f4 4:le5 or 22 ... l::ixe7! 'li'f6+-; 16 ... 'li'xd2!? ilLxh6 (17 ... 'li'xd2 Hyderabad 2002. 'li'xh6 4:ld4 1 7 ... 'li'gs 'li'd8!? f4) 18 ... J::ic1 'li'hS (16 ... J::ifb1 fS (20 ... J::ixb2 J::id8oo) 22 ... J::ic8. f4!? 'li'xe3 l::iab8 1HWc1! ilLds 4:lb4 1 7. 'li' c2 is inferior because of 1 7 ... l::iac8! \t>g2 4:lc2oo. ilLb6 'li'a3-=) 18 ... 'li'd1 gS (20 ... J::ixc7? loses to 23 ... 'li'd6 Black gives perpetual check with 23 ... 'li'g4+) 22 ... =.

LEvrrov: The ideal variation- no euphoria, nothing to interfere with your work. 3 The Internet Chess Club. From London to Elista 48 After the game the joy and the emotional boost were restrained- there was too much work to do. Miguel was given the task ofchecking all the variations of the Griinfeld. Before Game 3 Lautier and I studied the Berlin endgame. We went to sleep at 4:30 in the morning- a child's bedtime. NOTES OF A SECOND: ON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES 'The stress during a World Championship match is colossal.

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