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Participants: G. D’Arcy Brown, J.R. Bryant, W.H. Cantrill, T.Gorkhill, F.E. Drury, G.D. Duguid, Walter L. Hayes, A.H.T. Johnson, A.W. pass judgement on et al.

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J 500 Acres {200 hectares ) 35,000 Acres { 1 4, 1 7 0 hectares ) P:-�I i m in ary resettle m e n t p l an l r. 1 98 3 W A P D A ap p o i n ted a Projec t l/. �ector to su rvey and a ss ess t h e i r. :: 1 iti e s fo r t h e p reparation of a R�se t tl em en t P l an. m , a Pre l i m in ary Res e ttl e m en t A-:tion Plan, 1 9 85 was p repared . n p rov ide d fo r : . Vi I I age s \e w E x te n d e d Vi I I ages Vi I I ages 27 20 No. of p l o ts proposed 1 6. ::. Ban k is bein g p repare d , v. h ich in c l u des : (a) h igh p r i o r ity attached to t h e c o m m u ni ty in frastructure a nd social se rv ices , h o u si ng for th e d i s p l aced, a:nd oth e r m easures th at wi l l ensure t h e soc ial and econ o m ic voiabi I ity of th e rel ocate d c m mu ni ties (b ) soc ial i nfrastru ctu re, e m p l oy m en t op portu ni ti es, tra i n i ng i n ne w s k i l l s and l and al l o t m ent pl anned and i m p l e m ented to meet t h e n e eds o f t h e growin g pop u l ati on an d (c) sp ec ial e m phasi s on wate r s u p p l ies he:ilth se rv ices, sch o o l s, fee d e r ro:ids, acc es s to farm l a nds and e x te nsion se rv ices .

Er station and other features. A trench will be exca\'ated through the river bed alluvium to the bedrock which will form the base of the dam's i mpervious core. 5 m) above sea level which is 260 ft (79 m) above the existi ng river bed l evel. +,400 ft :(1,340 m) long. � , �� '"'" ....... ' ,---- .. UVlUW S co 0 I 0 MAI N EMBAN KME N T DAM Intake embankm'ent aam The intake embankment dam will be constructed over the roller compacted concrete placed for the power and diversi on conduits. 9 million cu m) of compacte d fill.

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