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A. Mando Fig. 3. – Transmission vs. X-ray energy through different gaseous media. energy. Figure 3 refers to a gas medium and clearly shows that even a few centimeters of air strongly attenuate X-rays of low energy. If, instead of air, the path from the Xray origin (the impact point of the beam on the target) to the detector is flooded with helium, the transmission of even the 1 keV X-rays of Na is again almost 100%. However, even a small amount of residual air, as can be seen, is critical at such low energies.

Gaudio, M. Livan and R.

Table I. – Total FWHM resolution of silicon detectors at different X-ray energies, keeping into account the statistical FWHM and under two different hypotheses of electronic noise FWHM. All numerical values are given in eV. 65 eV. X-ray energy FWHMstat FWHM tot FWHMel 63 eV FWHMel 106 eV Na-K 1040 50 80 118 Si-K 1740 65 90 125 Mn-K 5900 119 135 160 Fe-K 6400 124 139 164 Cu-K 8040 139 153 175 10000 156 168 188 20000 220 229 244 30000 269 277 290 capability, see above), it can be understood why these detectors are increasingly used in PIXE for the low-energy X-rays detection.

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