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By Dave Taylor

ISBN-10: 0764548905

ISBN-13: 9780764548901

Fifteen hours. With this e-book, that is all it takes for an internet dressmaker to grasp the basics of Dynamic HTML -- and begin embellishing websites with animations, pop-up menus, rollovers, and extra. The e-book presumes a few wisdom of HTML, yet no wisdom of the opposite leader parts of DHTML, Cascading sort Sheets and JavaScript, which either obtain designated assurance. The CD-ROM has resource code, internet improvement instruments, and extra.

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After ten times through this loop, the while condition evaluates to false, and it’s done. After the loop finishes, what is the value of salary? Note Sometimes you want to have a loop where the statements always evaluate once, even if the condition is immediately false. Using a control structure such as while (expr) doesn’t work, because the expression is false and the statements are skipped. You could ostensibly use an iteration counter such as you see in the following example: var timesthrough = 0; while (timesthrough == 0 && expr) { statements timesthrough++; } But frankly, what this example shows is pretty awkward.

By using a string variable, you can say name = “Dave Taylor” and it has the effect of putting the letters D, a, v, and e (and so on) into the container name. By contrast, Booleans can have only one of two possible values: true or false. Examples of different values The most complex of the variable types, numeric variable can hold values that are positive or negative and can have a fractional portion or not. Table 3-1 summarizes the different numeric values. F 10/9/01 9:25 AM Page 25 Session 3—30 Minute Crash Course on JavaScript 25 You express the values of string variables by surrounding them with quotes.


a long pole allowing overhead microphones on the set
the signal for an actor to begin their lines or action
In a Web browser, the HTML listing looks similar to what you see in Figure 2-1. Notice the additional line spacing and the lack of consistency across formats and lists. CD-ROM You can find all the examples in the book on the included CDROM, so do make sure that you access all these examples on your computer to see exactly how they look on your own setup.

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