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By Lynn M. Stone

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I asked. For the first time since our introduction, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at me. “Picture this,” he said. “Take a piece of wire, heat it up until it glows red hot, then plunge it into your flesh while you wriggle it around. ” After stumbling around camp for a while, I asked Jack if he needed me BEEFWORMS IN BELIZE to do anything in particular. He said no, and within seconds I was a mere speck on the horizon. As I wandered through the tall grass of a nearby field, I occasionally spotted an anole fleeing for cover.

Of course I had no idea what images were on that roll, but that actually made it even better. Now I had something special to look forward to. Was it the roll with the crocodile basking on the shore in Guanacaste? Perhaps it was the scene of the poison frogs feeding on the flies in Siquirres, or maybe even something from Monteverde? I felt so good that I was no longer bothered by what had happened just a few hours earlier. After cleaning out the car, I had a huge bag of trash to throw away. Unlike in the United States, which has numerous garbage cans or large dumpsters on nearly every street corner, I was unable to find a suitable place to discard my rubbish.

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