A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 - download pdf or read online

By DR. Viktor Katz

Небольшое эссе на английском, в котором делается краткий обзор тысячелетней истории чеканки монеты в Богемии и Моравии (Чехия). Очень толково написано, в конце - три фототаблицы с монетами и значки минцмейстеров и монетных дворов.

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4. In his characteristically complex way, Schultz puts it thus: “Every equilibrium allocation is Pareto optimal if and only if (1) There exists a normative social practice such that (i) Property rights for each commodity, a right to true information, a right to welfare, and a right to autonomy are held by each agent, and (ii) Each agent has some sufficient internal incentive to comply with these rights, and (iii) There exists some responsibility scheme, and (2) There exists some set of price conventions, and (3) There exist conventions and normative constraints for commodifying desire and for rectifying the results of accidental and intentional externalities.

I take this example from Max Hocutt, Grounded Ethics: The Empirical Bases of Normative Judgments (New Brunswick: Transaction, 2000), ch. 14. 13. 7–9. Unintended Order Explanations ● 39 14. See Hayek’s chapter “The Meaning of Competition” in Individualism and Economic Order on the role reputation plays in markets. See also Axelrod, Evolution of Cooperation, ch. 8. 15. 11. 16. Schelling, Micromotives and Macrobehavior, pp. 31–33, argues that the practice of sending Christmas cards is a counterexample.

Here are the main elements: Institutional structures. The institutional structures involved in the moral marketplace are those entities that arise or are created to teach, encourage, enforce, or criticize patterns and protocols of moral behavior. Churches, schools, clubs, families, and newspaper editorials all count; preachers; teachers and professors; friends, parents, siblings, and children; and public intellectuals all maintain and develop the structures by simultaneously conveying the relevant information across the institutional structures, using the structures themselves, and enforcing or weakening the structures.

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A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929 by DR. Viktor Katz

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