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By John Watson

ISBN-10: 1906454302

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Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on sleek chess approach and his insightful commencing books, that it's only usual that he now provides a strategic beginning repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that offers rivals actual difficulties yet doesn't require lots of memorization or continuous examine of ever-changing grandmaster conception. whereas this e-book can't relatively promise all of that, Watson deals an interesting choice of traces that supply enormous scope for over-the-board creativity and may by no means bring about a lifeless draw.

The repertoire relies on 1 d4 and a couple of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his colossal beginning wisdom to select crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that would strength rivals to imagine for themselves, supplying a real try out of chess realizing. all through, he discusses techniques for either side, so readers should be totally able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature all of the instruments to settle on the main acceptable plans for White.

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Ib4 ( 1 2 . ; (Scherbakov). 12 lLlxc6 bxc6 is also important. fc8 is considered equal. And 1 3 'ii'd2 either transposes into or resembles 1 2 'ii'd2 lines. 1 3 'ii'c 2! (D) is the best follow-up to the knight ex­ change, and I think produces a small but mean­ ingful advantage. B There has been a lot of practical experience from this position, and the following non-ex­ haustive excerpts illustrate many of the major themes of this variation: a) 1 3 ... ac8 1 6 bxc4 dxc4 1 7 11abl !. b8 1 8 lLla4 !.

Allows the lengthy forcing se­ quence 1 5 l2Jxd5 ! l2Jxe3 ( l 5 ... c5 ( l 8 ... 'ii'b6? f4! xe3+ 26 �h I ±. d4 (with the idea e4) l 7 ... ;. c) 14 ... ;. 15 'ii'd3 (D) This is the point of 1 4 'ii'b 5. fd l and lbb3. e6! c8 1 8 lbc2 ! ( 1 8 l2Jxe6! e7 This causes Black some problems and wins the bishop-pair. Tarrasch players are generally tolerant of this exchange because they acquire a 2- l central majority; here it's not so easy. Other tries: a) 1 6 h3 l2Jc4 ( l 6... c8! is roughly equal) 1 7 l2Jxe6!

Superficially, White's advantage seems slight indeed, since the problem c6-knight can simply move. But it's worth remembering that without . . c5, Black will tend to be reduced to a Queen's Gambit Declined position in which White has a standard queenside attack. At the same time, without the availability of ... d6, it's going to be difficult to scare up prospects on the king­ side. For example: a) 9 ... 'ifd6 10 0-0 �ad8 I I �c l tt::lg6 1 2 tt::la4 ! tt::lce7 1 3 tt::lc5 with annoying pressure on the queenside, Lingnau-Haag, Germany (team event) 1 99617.

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