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By Viacheslav Eingorn

ISBN-10: 1906454310

ISBN-13: 9781906454319

Playing as Black in a video game of chess could be tricky. Do you just try and neutralize White's initiative, or pass all-out to complicate the sport? both manner, there are numerous pitfalls, and many examine can be needed.

In this ebook, Grandmaster Eingorn exhibits that it truly is attainable either to play solidly, and to take White out of his convenience sector. He recommends principles and move-orders which are a bit off the crushed song, yet which he has very conscientiously labored out over decades of his personal perform. The repertoire, in response to taking part in 1...e6, is strikingly inventive and may attract those that need a relaxing lifestyles as Black. you'll get each likelihood to illustrate your chess abilities, and are most unlikely to be blown off the board through a pointy ready line. All you would like is a versatile method, and a willingness to aim out new constructions and ideas. Eingorn's sophisticated move-orders are rather potent if White refuses to select up the gauntlet, as Black can then use his hold up in enjoying ...Nf6 to sturdy influence and take the struggle on to his opponent.

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Ic5?! 7 b4! ixg l H lbg I 'tth 4+ (relatively 49 b e t t e r is M . . b2 Wh ite has po werfu l compensation for the sac r i ficed pawn . Lla6 Black fol l ows t he typical d a r k ­ squa red s t r a t eg y of t he Buda pest G a m bit and wants to exchange the bishop on e3. g. t'd 5? d3 ltJc5! ixc5). The queen move to d5, as al most always in this gambit, does not work out well. xc5 ltJxc5 as Black can later fix the hole on b3 by . . a4. g. e6! ( 1 5 . . f6? Ve2 lLla 5 ! ) 1 6 . . g. f7 followed by 19 .

Ih6; 1 9 . . 1re7 2 0 l:l: f7 ; 1 9 . . id4+ etc. gf 17 18 l:l:ab l ! White wants t o provoke . . b6 which weakens the position of the k night on c6. This idea is made clear i n the following variation given by Kotov: 18 . . ih6 followed by 2 1 l:l:xf5 ) 1 9 . . t'g3+ etc. I n a very bad position Black tries to relieve the pressure by exchanging queens. e5+! 1-0 If 20 . . lt:\xe5 2 1 l:l:xf8+ �g7 22 l:l:g8+ �h6 23 gh wins. Karl Gilg, a Czechoslovak master of German origin who settled in West Germany after the second World War, tried an interesting improvement in the last game of this sectio n.

69) With this move White not only defends the pawn on e5 but at t he same time attacks the knight on g4. Vd4 does not lack a cenain logic ; it is in teresting to note that this move is played by many chess computers. 56 Rare Systems game. 69 B However it has one disadvantage: the queen is exposed on d4 and really invites the win of a tempo with . . ltJc6. First, though, some­ thing must be done about saving the k night on g4. G ame 2 1 Laszlo-Abonyi Budapest 1 933 ( I d4 lLlf6 2 c4 e5 3 de lLlg4) d6 4 'ird4 ed 5 Or 5 lLlf3 lLlc6 comfortably re­ gaining the pawn on e5 with the win of a tempo as t he white queen m ust move.

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