A l'abri des chateaux forts du moyen-age 120296 by Pernoud+Brochard PDF

By Pernoud+Brochard

ISBN-10: 2010047508

ISBN-13: 9782010047503

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The new system logic in itself does not constitute a sufficient condition for change to occur. The inherent system logic can thus be distinguished from mechanisms of change. Another institutional factor lies with the parallel processes in related policy domains (Thelen 1999, 2004). Interaction occurs between reforms in the benefits administration and reforms in the job brokerage system (Considine 2005a, 2005b). This can go in two directions: from the benefits system to the job brokerage system or vice versa.

If the (lack of ) success of the new system is cultivated, the change mechanism is present. The third category has to do with the actors. Following the line of Skocpol (1992), we distinguish the political/administrative actor from the field of service providers, including the interest groups. Two mechanisms for change can be distinguished here: the changed politicalbureaucratic power situation and the anticipatory behaviour of actors. To summarize, small changes in a process culminate in successive gradual changes if an interaction occurs between the inherent system logic on the one hand, and parallel reform processes, the cultivated success/failure of the new system, the changed power coalitions and the anticipatory behaviour of actors on the other hand.

These relate to the question of which factors – or, more accurately, mechanisms – cause change. Recent theories on path dependence attribute the cause of non-change to feedback mechanisms (Pierson 2000a, 2000b, 2001; Mahoney 2000) and to the internal logic or sequentiality of the path (Mahoney 2000: 530–1). Identifying the intervening processes in a sequence of events can reveal the causal mechanism. In itself, however, this does not constitute a sufficient condition to explain the evolution along a given path.

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A l'abri des chateaux forts du moyen-age 120296 by Pernoud+Brochard

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