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ISBN-10: 1441232613

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Even if it was the wrong thing to do. The guilt in his eyes nearly killed her. So she’d leaned over and reassured him that he had nothing to feel guilty about. From the safety of his car, he watched Bonnie leave the house. Little miss Bonnie. So rich, so snotty, with her nose stuck up in the air every time she looked at him. Well, he’d soon fix that. He tapped the miniature gavel against his palm. Flipping his left wrist, he glanced at his watch and swore. He didn’t have much time. He had to get back before he was missed.

Not so much. ” The tearful question came from his left. He spun and saw Melanie. Blood covered her hands. Grief twisted her young features and Noah felt his compassion level register off the charts. She hadn’t deserved any of this. Before he could answer, Melanie’s mother pulled the girl into her arms and led her away. Which left him to deal with Kit. He pictured putting his arms around her and letting her have a good cry on his shoulder. Slamming the brakes on that line of thought, he stepped back into the van where he found her talking to the DA and his intern.

You bet I do. ” Kit nodded, making sure her outward appearance said she was thinking about his words. Inside, she weighed her options. Every word she said counted, might mean the difference between life and death. His death, his wife’s. Hers. 9 percent sure how to handle this man. Unfortunately, it went against negotiation protocol. Rule number something: Never remind the shooter he wants to shoot. Did she dare chance it? Did she dare not? Still keeping her body relaxed, her posture nonthreatening, she asked, “So, you want to shoot her?

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