A Feminist Companion to the Song of Songs by Athalya Brenner PDF

By Athalya Brenner

ISBN-10: 1850752915

ISBN-13: 9781850752912

This quantity is the 1st in a chain which gives a primary source for feminist biblical scholarship, containing a finished choice of essays, either reprinted and specifically written for the sequence, by means of top feminist students.

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M. Falk translated the SoS into modern poetic English. Her discussion of this particular literary genre is therefore linked to the task of translation on the one hand, as well as to the recognition of sexist interpretation on the other hand. N. Soulen's study antedates that of Falk's. Since Falk's discussion is partly a critical response to Soulen, both are reprinted in the chronological order of their original publication. It will be seen that the two treatments, the non-feminist (Soulen) and its feminist counterpart (Falk), differ radically with regard to the question of the literary worth of verses attributed to the female voice within the wasf discourse.

Erman, Die Literatur der Aegypter (Leipzig, 1923), p. 303 (ET: The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians [trans. M. Blackman; London, 1927]). 4. With reference to the imaging of the male lover as a brother, it should be noted that marriages between brothers and sisters existed in Egypt among royalty only. 1 and similar references in the Egyptian poetry: 'If only you were my brother', that is, the lovers publicly pretend that they are brother and sister, so that they may allowed to appear together openly.

Acting upon this suspicion and false accusation, he placed her in the most inaccessible part of the house; dogs or eunuchs guarded the doors of her chambers;1 the harem was made as impenetrable as a prison; none but the nearest relatives were allowed to see her, and when permitted to pass through the streets her countenance was thickly veiled, and eunuchs watched her every step. 2 The sacred books of heathen nations teem with loud execrations against the natural unfaithfulness and immorality of women.

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