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By William Duckworth

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Across the world popular composer William Duckworth covers tune basics in 14 concise major chapters supplemented by means of eleven enrichment appendices, delivering prolonged assurance in case you hope extra guide.

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Both the eighth note and the half note are frequently used. Here is an example of triple meter with the eighth note representing the pulse, while this is a triple meter with the half note representing the pulse. Notice, incidentally, that the meter signature is never written as a fraction: . CLASS WORK With your teacher’s help, identify the meter and indicate the note value that represents the pulse for each of the meter signatures below. Simple Meter Thus far, our discussion of meter has dealt entirely with what is called simple meter.

The second landmark to locate is F. This is the pitch that occurs immediately to the left of a group of three black keys. F F F F C middle C F F F With these two landmarks, you should be able to learn the rest of the keyboard more easily. Remember, too, that only the letters A through G are used, and that the alphabetical sequence runs from left to right. 17 The Keyboard C F G A B F D E C G A B D E It is sometimes helpful to memorize other landmarks such as G or B. But be careful not to rely too heavily on landmarks at the expense of learning all the keys equally well.

You may be wondering why we can’t simply ignore double sharps and double flats. In fact, these signs seldom appear in music, but when they do, they have a specific function, which we will discuss in Chapter 9. For additional practice locating notes on the keyboard, including those with double sharps and flats, see Practice Materials 1-10. Practicing Revisited If there is one thing that should be repeated every chapter, it’s that you need to practice. Making music is a skill. Everybody hones their talent.

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