New PDF release: 50 Test de Ajedrez (Ejercicios)

By Abel Segura Fontarnau

ISBN-10: 8480193131

ISBN-13: 9788480193139

El libro attempt que tiene en sus manos pretende conseguir como objetivo divertir aprendiendo, a los angeles vez que, con los angeles realización de cada uno de los 50 checks que lo componen, sirva al lector para que pueda auto-evaluarse el nivel de conocimientos que tiene del ajedrez. Principalmente, los angeles obra va dirigida a cualquier aficionado c

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The sharpest. White will take advantage of the black queen by Nbd2-c4 if Black plays ... b4 or ... bxa4. 8 ... cxd4 9 cxd4 Nc6 10 axb5 Nb4! Black is now way behind in development, as it will take two moves to castle. But White does not see any advantage in taking the b-pawn as his own e-pawn is under fire. If 14 e5 b4 15 Na4 Qc6. 14 Bf4! Simple development with a drop of poison - threat Nxb5 and Nc7+. Black produces a pawn sacrifice to hold the balance. He is prepared to exchange a side pawn to eliminate White's good bishop.

Formanek (I M)-M. Basman, King's Head International (London), February 1982 1 e4 e6 2 d4 a6 3 c4 b5 4 cxb5 axb5 5 Bxb5 Bb7 6 f3 Qh4 + 7 g3 Qh5 8 Bf1 Nc6 (otherwise 9 Qb3) 9 Nc3 Bb4 10 Bg2 f5 11 e5 Na5 (to hamper White's natural development of Ne2 followed by 0-0) 12 Nh3 Ba6 13 Kf2 Ne7 14 Nf4 Qf7 15 Nd3 Bxc3 16 bxc3 Bxd3 17 Qxd3 Nb3! 18 f4 c6 19 Rb1 Rxa2 + 20 Bb2! ) 0-0 21 Rf1 Rb8 22 Kg1 Qe8 23 c4 Qc8 24 Bf3 Qa6? (Stupid. 24 ... ) 25 Bc1! Qa4 26 Bd1! ) Nxc1 27 Rxb8+ Kf7 28 Qe3! Qxc4 29 Bh5 + g6 30 Rxc1 Nd5!

10 ... g5 Tally ho! 11 Bd2 12 f4 13 Ng3 White sticks stolidly to his extra pawn at the expense of hampered kingside development. 7 ... Qh4 + Black exposes the queen to either weaken the long diagonal or disturb the king. 8 Kf1 9 Nge2 10 e5 Ne7 f5 94 Rg8 Black's honeymoon on the kingside is over and he is left with disjointed pieces. After the game I decided that 10 ... 0-0 followed by queenside play was better. 13 ... 14 Na4!? c5 Short takes a risk, as this could have been answered by 14 ... Ra5!

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