4 . . . Qh4 in the Scotch Game by Lev Gutman PDF

By Lev Gutman

ISBN-10: 0713486074

ISBN-13: 9780713486070

The 1st in a proposed sequence of 3 books in regards to the Scotch video game. Many books were written approximately this chess commencing yet such a lot simply conceal outdated research and reproduce video games from a database. This e-book is exclusive via its top of the range and unique research, making it a 'must purchase' merchandise for membership and match avid gamers. A former moment of Viktor Korchnoi, the writer can also be referred to as a superb specialist on beginning thought.

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Acl 0-0 Petrosian suffered another signal setback with this variation in his game (as Black) against Larsen, Santa Monica 1 966. ad 1 and whipped up a deadly attack after 1 3 . . i.. e8 15 f4 tt::l c 7 16 f5. Keres opts for a quieter, more positional, course which, however, permits Black to consolidiate his position effectively. A standard tactic at this stage. 8 10 13 i.. fd1 tt::l cs 15 f3 aS 16 b3 1i'b6 At some point Black intends . . a4. fc8 True, 1 7 . . xb5 would double White 's pawns but after 1 8 cxb5 White 's light-square bishop would develop excellent prospects from the square c4.

11 12 c6 lLif4 ! xf4 17 If 12 tL:Ic4 'f/Jc7. exf4 1 6 lldg 1 fxe3 1 7 'flixe3 �f6 1 8 e5 provides White with some attacking chances on the K-side for a pawn. 16 c4 12 Missing the tactic. dg1 gives the white king some air, although Black can obtain play on the Q-side with . b5 and . . tLib6. dg1 1 7 i.. e 5 is a safer option. After this White begins to slide downhill. c5! 12 . . cxd5 13 cxd5 leaves c4 vulnerable to occupation by a white knight. 17 it'xf4 In King's Indian style situations, into which this game has transposed, eliminating White's queen's bishop, while retaining its counterpart on g7, invariably favours Black.

Xc5 is feasible, while the exchange sacrifice 1 8 . . aal (22 l:ib3 e4) 22 . . lt::Jxb2 is rather too speculative. Indeed, the position after 20 lt::J c 7 has been described as dubious for Black by one commentator, and there is anyway no requirement to risk this line, as Petrosian demonstrated by choosing his 1 6'h move. 53 Champion and Candidate 17 24 . . ixb7 would have interrupted the flow of Black's game. The move selected maintains momentum while regaining the exchange and netting the b-pawn.

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