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By Steve Giddins

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The one other thing humiliating than wasting a video game fast is to lose a online game quick to a recognized beginning catch. nevertheless, the straightforward element scored by way of the trapper is a smart self belief booster, and permits the winner an outstanding relaxation ahead of the following video game in a contest. This publication indicates that nobody should still think secure from an opponent armed to enamel with crafty traps. Steve Giddins (who lived in Russia for a time) has accumulated his fabric from a large choice of assets, a few now not generally to be had within the West.

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Too passive (Black wants to defend the d6-pawn with ... /iJe8). 16 ... b6 17 g5 Illfd7 would have been more consistent. After 18 /iJfl /iJf8 19 dxc6 bxc6 20 'ilUxd6 Black obtains counterchances with the simple 20 ... b7!? followed by ... ad8, ... /iJce6 and ... /iJg6. An improvement for White is 18 h4! /iJf8 19 hSIi:la6 20 l:tg3, preparing an attack on the kingside and intending to recapture on e3 with the f-pawn. 17 /iJf1! Not 17 g5?! /iJe8, when Black will advance the f-pawn. Once again we see how flexibly White can vary his plans.

Tg3. After the game Korchnoi asked Yusupov, 'Why did you let bishops be exchanged? 'iWc7! th4? txe7! Bycarrying out some advantageous exchanges Karpov has emphasised the weakness of the d5-pawn. He is planning to increase the pressure on it further by doubling rooks on the d-file and bringing his knight to e3. 1xc6 Tseshkovsky takes the bull by the horns - he is trying to refute his opponent's opening immediately. 1h4 (without including the preliminary 12 h3). 13 hxc6 14 IiJbd4 J::1c8 15 c4 J::1e8 Black is preparing ...

Te4. However, I thought of another plan, linked with transferring the knight to c4. Unfortunately. I frequently carried out my ideas hastily. without the necessary analytical investigation. 21 _.. lixf3?! 22 IlJxf3 1tJg6 22 ... ltJfS!? could be considered. :xe8+ l:I:xe8 24 ItJd4 ltJeS? (D) The decisive mistake. :c8! first, and only then ... lieS. or. if this knight transfer seems to be impracticable, then 25 ... lie5. However. it is not obvious how White can hinder Black after the text move. lif4 fails against 2S ...

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