1-2-3 Draw Wild Animals (123 Draw) by Freddie Levin PDF

By Freddie Levin

ISBN-10: 0939217422

ISBN-13: 9780939217427

Whimsical, beautiful initiatives spring like magic from the hand of illustrator Freddie Levin as she indicates younger artists how you can create fascinating animals from uncomplicated shapes, similar to eggs, ovals and circles. each one step towards the completed drawing is sluggish and completely defined. youngsters can make a choice from a menagerie of favourite matters, together with anteaters, armadillos, bison, deer, elephants, giraffes, hippos, jaguars, kangaroos, koalas, lions, orangutans, pandas, platypuses, polar bears, reccoons and extra. information regarding each one animal is helping make the booklet academic in addition to enjoyable.

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1 2 Condylopa, from KOVCVKOL, joints, and novc, a foot. Annulnsa. VOL. II. 18 FUNCTIONS AND INSTINCTS. Cuvier, Latreille, and most other zoologists, consider this section of the animal kingdom as subdivided into three great Classes—Crustaceans, Arachnidans, and Insects: Dr. Leach, taking the respiratory organs for his guide, also begins with three primary Sections, those, namely, which have gills, those which have sacs, and those which have trachece, for respiration; and out of these he forms Jive Classes, viz.

44 FUNCTIONS AND INSTINCTS. defence- These crabs live in moist places, near the shore. They attack, in crowds, any carrion, and dispute the possession of it with the vultures; they do not willingly enter the water, except when they lay and hatch their eggs, and it is conjectured that their young are for some time entirely aquatic. One kind of them,1 which forms numerous burrows, remaining in them during three or four months in the winter, usually stops them up, so that the animals are obliged to reopen them when the warmth of the vernal sun bids them come forth again from their winter quarters.

CRUSTACEAN CONDYLOPES. 47 proach before they appear. When they perceive any danger, they hastily conceal themselves in any ready made holes they meet with, or under the roots, or in the trunks of decayed trees, seldom making for the sea, how near soever they may be. At Guam, a very large species frequents forests more than a mile from the sea; and in Jamaica, another species, called there the soldier,1 has been found in great quantities on elevated ground, more than four leagues from it. The common species2 is aquatic, and usually inhabits the whelk ; it is stated annually to leave its shell, at the time of its moult, and after this great crisis is over, to seek another suited to its increased magnitude.

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